Secret Jungle Slots

Good customer support makes all the difference at an online casino, and Slots Jungle offers gamblers several different support tools. Players that wager on the Slots Jungle website can ask for help if they ever run into issues, and they can get help quickly and easily as well. There is phone support as well as email support available to most of the players that decide to become members of Slots Jungle. Between those two options most players will have something that will work well for them.

Pone Support for Many

Many gamblers that decide to play at Slots Jungle will have a direct phone support number that they can dial for help. Gamblers in the USA, Canada and the UK all have access to these local numbers to reach out for help. When dialed, the support number will connect players with one of the support team members to answer any questions that they have. This is a powerful tool and the most reliable way to get help as a player at Slots Jungle.

  • USA: +1-877-738-7064
  • Canada: +1-888-811-4090
  • UK: +44-(0)808-234-3804
  • Fax (USA): 1-866-341-0961

Speed Email Support

Normal email support takes many days to hear back from, but that is not the case at Slots Jungle. This online casino offers rapid email support that often answers questions within just a few days. This makes it very simple to get help when you need it even if you don’t want to rely on one of the limited phone numbers to seek out help.

Between the two support tools it’s simple getting help from Slots Jungle for most problems that come up. The only downside to this system is that some gamblers outside of the UK, Canada and the USA will have to wait longer for help when they request support by email. This is a problem for some gamblers, but many will find the email support tool to be a pleasure to use.