Secret Jungle Slots

Because of the sheer weight of its popularity, Secret Jungle Slots might come across as a bit of a misnomer. That's because this Aztec theme template is gained traction in the world of online casino gaming because of the gigantic number of pay lines and the all together riveting prize amounts that are available for lucky real money players. Nothing is guaranteed of course, which is why this slot is also very good to play in the fun money mode without financial obligation.

The scene is sets with a gameboard in the foreground and the verdant lush vegetation in the background; the Amazon rain forest is rendered in high-quality graphics. Some of the symbols on the reels are a dark Aztec Princess with face paint, a musclebound Aztec warrior, and Aztec pyramids, gold coins, a Jaguar – which is the Big Cat with the most powerful jaws, a water base, and the poker symbols 9, 10, Queen, King, Joker, and Ace.

With five reels and 50 pay lines, you can be assured of many ways to win with Secret Jungle Slots. There is also a range of coin sizes to facilitate betting for all ranges of wallet sizes. The wild symbol is an Aztec pagan God figure and can count for every single symbol except the scatter. Whatever prize you win when the wild shows up on the reels to work its magic is tripled in value. If you get five wild symbols, then your reward is 8888 coins. If you get for wild symbols, you receive 5000 coins; three wild symbols guarantees you 500 coins and two wild symbols releases 50 coins as a win into your bank account.

The scatter symbol is the Aztec pyramids and any wins that feature this icon are multiplied by the total betting amount. The enchantress is also a valuable symbol. Five of her gets you 1000 coins and 3000 coins if a wild symbol replaces one. Four of her gets you 500 coins or 1500 coins if one of them is a wild symbol – you get the picture – the wild symbol triples the win. Three enchantress symbols gives you 50 coins and two symbols gives you just three coins. The Aztec warrior has lesser but very good numbers. Five of a kind is worth 1000 coins too; but four of a kind is worth 250 coins. Three of a kind is good for 25 coins and two of a kind is worth three coins.

With payouts like these, it's little wonder that Secret Jungle Slots is such a sought after video slot by Real Time Gaming. No worries on that and, since you can find it at this top online gaming casino. Play for free by navigating to the website in your favorite browser and simply following quick directions. If you favor putting forth some coinage for a chance to win some money, then download the casino software – you'll get a welcome bonus with which to spend some House cash on your first games by opening a casino account. Once in the lobby, the world is effectively yours and you can play for as long as you like. Joined many of the other players who tried this Aztec adventure and see how it plays out for you.